As a small but entrepreneurial firm with offices in Oklahoma City and Dallas, Chris Smith Law is a firm for business.  By tayloring our representation to meet the needs of the client, we offer a unique pricing structure for businesses which allows for more finite budgeting of the costs of representation; and with our experience representing the sole proprietorship to the Fortune 500 company, we are committed to the prosperity of our clients.   


As an attorney committed to the advancement of his clients, Chris Smith understands that a client's needs may range from legal counsel, to litigation, to political involvement.  With his experience in both law, government, and politics, Chris Smith has built a reputation on identify the needs of a client and ensuring those needs are addressed in both the courtroom and capital. 

And with the firms association with Wealth Counsel, we provide the confidence in business and succession planning that comes with the support of a prestigious nationwide network dedicated to providing the highest standard in practice excellence.